Good Proportions using Ceiling Heights as a Guide
Ceiling Height Crown Case Base Chairrail
8′ 3 1/2-5 1/2″ 3 1/2-4 1/2″ 5-8″ 3-6″
9′ 5 1/2-10″ 4-5″ 8-10″ 4-6 1/2″
10′ 10-20″ 4-6 1/2″ 8-10″ 4-7″
12′ 10-20″ 5-7″ 8-12″ 4-7″
16′ 18-25″ 5-7″ 8-12″ 4-7″
20′ 18-25″ 5-7″ 8-12″ 4-8″

Proportional Mouldings Enhance your Room Size!¬†Contrary to the commonly held misconception that large-scale mouldings make a room seem small, they actually enhance room scale and proportion and add impact, creating a sense of loftiness. On low ceilings (8′-9′) large crowns actually appear to support and define the ceiling, thus increasing the feeling of height. Tall baseboards, wide casings and ornate chairrails add eye-catching architectural elements that foster interest and engage the attention to whomever is in the room.

What To Consider when Selection Your Mouldings РDesire style of interior. The value placed on a well-moulded interior. The room sizes, ceiling heights and shapes of both. Whether mouldings are Bold (masculine) or Delicate (feminine). Barriers that dictate where trim can or cannot be used (air vents, electrical outlets, tall windows, odd wall or ceiling shapes): Your budget and how to use it. Contrast of wall, ceiling, and trim colors.

Mantel Plynth Blocks¬†– Mantel plynths add 6″ to the overall height of our full surround mantels (creating a greater height in the opening). These Lindenwood plynths aer hand carved with the classic lambs tongue, and add not just height, but a lovely detail that supports the mantel well. Plynths accept 1″ panel mould inside leg too! Sold as pairs.