“I’m definitely a satisfied customer. The trim carpenters really like the Ultra Flex resin product, heads and shoulders above the competition. The hardwood and resin mouldings have made a really great house into an awesome thing to behold. Pictures on the way once we get everything finished.”

T.U., Denver


“Thanks for being so attentive and professional in the way you have handled this order. Everything is coming together nicely. Will send you photos when we get things finished sometime within the next two months. This millwork will be the crowning touch so to speak!”

Tom, CO


“…handled my inquiry quickly and professionally. Much appreciated.”

Patrick R., LA


“I would like to thank Decorative Millwork Products and especially the Customer Rep, Cynthia Gotuzzo, for outstanding service and quality. Cynthia’s follow up with me, because of my error of an online order, insured that I received the correct material that I was requesting.  She was professional, helpful and very concerned that I would be a satisfied customer.  In all my years of dealing with sales people and ordering goods over the internet or phone, I have never received such exemplary service. I look forward to doing business with Decorative Millwork Products again.”

Paul Delcourt, Decorative Millwork Products Customer


“This is really a great time to be in the millwork business. My dad had a lot of good carpenters who worked for him but they never got to do the things I get to do all the time. I feel blessed to have access to all these products and to work with them on a day-to-day basis.”

“White River gives me the opportunity to do things that those guys could only dream about and wouldn’t have really have been affordable to many people. But because of White River’s product line, I get to do those things all the time. They have the products readily available to me and I can give my client exactly what they want.”

Gary Striegler, President Striegler & Associates, Inc. – Custom Home Builder


“I found what I was looking for and my experience with Decorative Millwork Products was excellent. Thank you for the personal follow-up e-mail providing the tracking number for my order. It was refreshing to get a message from a live person rather than an auto-response.”