Ultra-Flex for Curve Work

Ultra-Flex™ – Resin for Curve Work

Ultra-Flex™ moulding is the most advanced product in the industry and can be manufactured for White River’s Crown, Case, Base, Chairrail and Panel Mouldings profiles. It will cut and nail the same as its wood counterpart and is manufactured with a latex-based primer coat. This helps the finish to adhere to the profile. In most cases, resins can finish with the same process you use on the wood in your project. However, we recommend that a small sample be tested to be sure the finishes you are applying adhere.

To Paint:

  1. Fill and sand like wood, using filler that will adhere to an oil-based, man-made product.
  2. Apply a base coat of Latex Primer or Latex enamel underbody. This seals the resin. DO NOT APPLY OIL BASE OR LACQUER UNDERCOATERS.
  3. Sand if needed.
  4. Apply Latex Enamel or Oil-Based Enamel like the other wood mouldings and finish the same.

To Stain:

  1. Fill and sand like wood, using filler that matches stain color and will adhere to an oil-based, man-made product.
  2. Apply a pre-packaged “Base Coat Latex Glazing Liquid.” Many manufacturers offer these specific finishes for this purpose. After applying, wipe gently with a clean cloth.
  3. After the glaze has been wiped to the desired appearance, it must be allowed to dry and then sealed with the same top coat being used on the wood.

We strongly recommend that first-time users practice on a piece of scrap resin moulding before finishing the moulding being used on the job. “ZAR” stain is a good, recommended stain and available at most Ace Hardware Stores. White River Hardwoods acknowledges that there are many techniques to finishing man-made products, and expresses no warranty for such.

Ultra-Flex™ mouldings are extremely easy to install, no special adhesives or pre-drilling required. It can be installed in the field by qualified tradesmen using nail guns and other equipment with which they are familiar. Using Ultra-Flex™ gives the advantage of being able to compensate for any irregularities in the radius of the wall, and costs a fraction of its wood counterpart. Resin profiles are sold by the whole foot at minimum of 5′ and maximum of 12′.

All flexible mouldings are sensitive to temperature and should be stored to prevent exposure to temperatures less than 60 degrees F or greater than 110 degrees F. When parts are received at the job site they should be removed from the carton and laid on a flat surface; in low temperatures in a warm, sunny location if possible. Ultra-Flex™ parts have an excellent memory and after 30 to 40 minutes will return to the shape it was originally formed. Solid wood curved mouldings can be manufactured for Casings, Jambs and Panel Moulds. These are offered in Poplar, Red Oak, Cherry, and Mahogany where only solid wood will work due to stainability or personal preference. These are offered for Traditional or Embossed profiles only; Mon Reale for curved applications is only available in Ultra-Flex™.